Biotechnology and Medicine

Facts about sector in Tartu county

Number on companies: ~180
Turnover: 31 848 140 EUR (2011)*
Export turnover: 384 624 EUR (2011)*
Profit: 10,2%* 
Workforce: 871
Tartu county accounts for 8,8% of total turnover and 17,2% of total profit in Biotechnology and Medicine sector.

Key strengths of sector

• Successful spin-off companies, good innovations, compatible curriculums in university and vocational schools (qualified workforce), professional and functioning co-operation network between research centres and companies (Estonian Biocentre , Tartu Biotechnology Park).
• The number of new companies shows the potential of the sector, on which also new companies can be founded.

Major companies

Aspec Biotech
Kliinik Elite


Historical background 

Tartu is the center of Biotechnology and medicine sector in Estonia. Tartu University Hospital provides unique medical services and practice facilities in Estonia. Additionally many research and development centres in the field of biotechnology and medicine have aggregated around Tartu University. Traditions in these fields derive from Soviet time when many top scientists carried out their research in Tartu.  

Main fields of activity for biotechnology and medicine sector companies in Tartu

Implementation research, product development in the fields of medicine, reproductive medicine and molecular diagnostics (production and sales of lab equipment and biological products), specific treatment and therapy, rehabilitation, operations, production and sales of tooth prosthesis and equipment, production and mounting of medical furniture and technical aid resources, production of orthopedic prosthesis, biological information technology.

Sector development and future prognosis

Companies based on local technologies are still young and small and do not employ a lot of people. At the same time their progress is quick, turnovers of biotechnology companies have grown 30-80% in the past few years. These is need for resources and funds (public and private contribution has not yet been enough) that could be directed into product development so that successful and strong export articles could be developed and marketed. There is potential for large pharmaceutical companies to evolve in this region if the sector maintains its quick progress.