If you are considering Estonia as a source of investment opportunity
you should really take a look at Tartu city and county.

The future forecast for Tartu City entrepreneurship and economy is as follows:
  • Tartu is a city that promotes innovation via competitive enterprises, being attractive  to investors and facilitating entrepreneurship and knowledge-based production and services.
  • Tartu is a city in motion, empowered by the changes taken place over the last decade. These changes have been radical with a substantial influence on citizens´ welfare and business growth.
  • The region´s infrastructure has been extensively updated and is ready for further expansion. 
  •  The development strategy and detailed action plans have been prepared and put into force in most areas  to maximise the potential of the development. Recognising that the city and county are so mutually dependent,  the administrations of both are actively coordinating at every level to continue the rapid tempo of positive change.
  • Long traditions and high competence in electronics, information- and biotechnology have made our enterprises internationally competitive.