Opportunities for businesses in Tartu

Educated workforce

  • The workforce in Tartu has the highest level of education in Estonia. The skilled labour is highly qualified and available. Tartu has over 22 000 students and the largest vocational school in Estonia

High Science Potential 

  • Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of Tartu, 7 Centres of Excellence (Biodiversity Research, High-Technology Materials, Translational Medicine, Chemical Biology, Cultural Theory, Mesosystems, Environmental Adaption

High Level of ICT Development

  • Tartu was the first city in the world to introduce paying for parking via mobile phone – a trivial fact, but a good indicator of how technically advanced Tartu is. There are over 240 ICT companies in Tartu County, employing a total of over 1500 people.

Strategic Geographical Position

  • Gateway between Russia and the European Union. Tartu is the regional centre of South-Estonia.

Industry and Services

  • Tartu County has advanced agriculture, industry and services. Tartu County’s typical products are foodstuffs, furniture, wooden products and houses, clothes, metal products, electronical parts and building materials

Good, Friendly and Safe Environment

  • Tartu has all the best of the globally new but with the local advantage – the costs are lower, security is higher and air is cleaner than in Tallinn, Helsinki or New York.
  • Tartu County offers a refreshing combination between modern infrastructure and the steady calm of rural life.

The production, rental and labour costs are low, real estate moderately priced