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Information about the City Council of Tartu and City Government of Tartu
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
+372 736 1101

Development Strategy
Agenda 21

The Development Strategy "Tartu 2030"

The prerequisite of good governance is a shared vision. Tartu 2030 is a strategic basic document for city management allowing us to build a more favourable future, for the present and the future citizens of Tartu.


Tartu 2030 is a platform for cooperation and a set of guidelines primarily to the present and future members of the City Council and the City Government of Tartu, in addition to all the people interested in the welfare of Tartu. Tartu 2030 lays the perfect foundation for negotiations with public agencies, local self-governments, private investors, business people and non-governmental organisations. Together, the best ideas for supporting sustainable development and competitiveness of Tartu are generated. With this purpose, plans are made for the use of resources.


Based on the strategy Tartu 2030, the city development plans for the upcoming years, as well as sectoral development and thematic plans, will be composed.


The Development Strategy "Tartu 2030" (2015)

The Development Strategy "Tartu 2030" (2006)


Additional Information:

Imbi Lang

Specialist of the Urban Development

Department of Urban Planning, Land Survey and Use of the Tartu City Government


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Tartu Agenda 21

Tartu - a sustainably developing, socially responsible, and economically thinking town.


Tartu Agenda 21 is a document reflecting the principles of sustainable development and the aspirations for purposeful development of Tartu.


The approval of Tartu Agenda 21 Tartu City Council Regulation No 67 of 17 December 1998.


Tartu Agenda 21 project - winner of the Union of the Baltic Cities 1st Best Environmental Practice in Baltic Cities Award 1999.


Tartu Agenda 21 text

Tartu Agenda 21 pictures

Map of Objects of Nature Under Protection



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