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Tartu’s new Window of Culture is more convenient and informative for users

Tartu City Government

 The Window of Culture

5. september / The Window of Culture, with its new stylish content and appearance, is now accessible to the public.

It brings together information on the events and recreational activities taking place in Tartu.
The new kultuuriaken.tartu.ee is now available in three languages and can be conveniently read from smart devices.

The new webpage places a much greater emphasis on convenience, both from the perspective of webpage visitors as well as organisers of cultural activities. Users are able to enter and share information in Estonian, English, and Russian, and unlike the previous version, the new Window of Culture webpage allows for the group-based entry of information on recreational activities. Webpages can be used conveniently from either a computer or mobile telephone, and are also connected to social media.

A detailed search system has been added, allowing for information of interest to be added to one’s calendar and the locations of events and recreational activities to be viewed on a map.

The procurements for the shaping and development of the Window of Culture were organised by the City of Tartu in the summer of 2016, and development began in the fall of the same year. Both procurements were won by Wideman Interactive.
The city invested a total of EUR 58,080 in the portal.

Additional information http://kultuuriaken.tartu.ee/en

Further information: Helen Kalberg, Marketing Manager for the City of Tartu
Tel: +372 513 3929, Helen.Kalberg@raad.tartu.ee


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