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Tartu Smart Bike Share bicycles require time for charging

rattasõitja Фото: Kiur Kaasik

5 июля / A change has been implemented in the Tartu Smart Bike Share system, where an electric bicycle will only be released from its dock if the battery is charged to at least 50 per cent of capacity.

If the battery is charged to less than 50 per cent of capacity, the bicycle cannot be removed from the dock. According to Roman Meeksa, Head of the Tartu City Transport Unit, the change was implemented because bicycle batteries were being deep discharged, giving rise to a number of technical problems. If bicycle batteries are drained completely, then the bicycles will no longer begin to charge on their own when returned to a dock and will require the assistance of a technician to re-enter service,’ explained Meeksa.

At present, the user sees an error message displayed on the screen of the bicycle being charged in the dock, although in the coming days it will be replaced with a message about charging. Outfitting works are currently underway.

Users of electric bicycles are asked to not ignore the Low Battery warning displayed on the bicycle’s screen – if the battery is drained completely, then it will not be possible to end the ride and this may result in a late fee of EUR 80.

Each rider is responsible for making sure that their bicycle has been properly placed in the dock and the ride has ended. If a situation should arise in which it is not possible to complete a ride due to a serious technical failure, then Smart Bike Share user support must be informed about it. If this has not been done, the last user will be held responsible.

User support has also been informed of the fact that the Smart Bike Share system’s mobile app doesn’t always display the correct information about the number of bicycles at bike stations. This is due in large part to the heavy load on the Smart Bike Share system, with the app being unable to update information on bicycles fast enough.

It is recommended that users try the app refresh button (in the upper right-hand corner of the IOS app, under additional options in Android), to see the most recent status of bike stations.

The City Government asks that attention be paid when locking bicycles with the secondary lock. If the bicycle is being locked using the secondary lock, then be sure to place the secondary lock through the spokes on the front wheel and place the end in the socket located on the right-hand side, only then can the bike be considered properly secured and the ride completed.

Since entering service on 8 June, an average of 6000 trips have been taken each day within the Tartu Smart Bike Share system. On the morning of 3 July, a total of 200,000 trips have been taken with Tartu Smart Bike Share system’s bicycles.

Tartu Smart Bike Share user support: telephone 5305-5000 (Mon–Fri from 7–20, and Sat–Sun from 11–19) and info@ratas.tartu.ee.

Additional information: Roman Meeksa, Head of the Tartu City Transport Unit, Tel: 736-1021, 517-3566, Roman.Meeksa@raad.tartu.ee

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