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Tartu calling on people to get around without cars during Mobility Week

Tartu City Government Press Release

Autovaba Фото: Ahto Sooaru

16 сентября / Tartu is celebrating European Mobility Week this week and calling on all residents to get around more on foot and by bicycle. From 16–20 September one can join Endomondo’s walking campaign; from 18–22 September drivers can ride for free on urban public transport in Tartu; on 20 September there will be an orientation day for seniors; and on 22 September, car-free day will be celebrated on Ülikooli Street.

The Tartu City Government is calling on people to ride public transport, bicycles or get around on foot, instead of driving their cars this week. This is why the City Government is allowing drivers to ride for free on public transport from 18–22 September. A valid driving license serves as proof of the right to ride for free.

One can also join the campaign ‘Let’s All Walk Together During Tartu Mobility Week’. To participate in the campaign one must save the kilometres they have walked during the week in the Endomondo app or enter the amount on a map on Endomondo’s homepage. The number of kilometres covered during the period of 16–20 September will be taken into account. The three participants who have covered the most kilometres during the week will receive an award promoting health, with additional awards being raffled between the remaining participants. The Endomondo campaign can be signed up for via the mobile app or the homepage https://www.endomondo.com by selecting 'Tartu Mobility Week’ from among the challenges.

Within the framework of Mobility Week an orientation for seniors will be taking place on 20 September in Tartu’s City Centre. To participate one must register by 18 September, at the latest, by telephoning 736-1322 or 736-1321, or by sending an e-mail to the address tht@raad.tartu.ee.

Tartu will celebrate Car-Free Day from 12–15 on Sunday, 22 September, along Ülikooli Street behind the Town Hall Square, which will be closed to traffic during the event. During Car-Free Day one can participate in an orientation competition in the City Centre, check out some special bicycles, make reflectors, learn more about Tartu Smart Bike Share, and get acquainted with traffic safety topics. Musical entertainment will be offered by Jalmar Vabarna, with performances by dancers from the JJ-Street dance school and a performance by AHHAA's Science Theatre.

European Mobility Week is taking place from 16–22 September and 22 September is World Car-Free Day. This year the motto for Mobility Week is 'Let's Walk Together!'. The goal of Car-Free Week is to call on people to behave in a more environmentally friendly manner, engage in actively moving about, and to value their health.

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