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Tartu presents its artwork at Tampere 240 festivities

Tartu's artwork

30 сентября / This year, Tampere’s anniversary will be celebrated by displaying public artworks along the new shore route by Tammerkoski Rapids.

Tampere 240 – Art along the Tammerkoski Rapids will be exhibited for 240 hours from 27 September to 6 October 2019, during which the shore route by Tammerkoski Rapids will offer special experiences for local residents and visitors.

The event will display eight Finnish and international works of contemporary art. Furthermore, the Dancing Fountains water and light show will be performed in Tammerkoski Rapids. The show combines sprays of water, lights and music.

Artwork HEADLINE comes from Tartu.

The installation draws influences from Estonian and Finnish cultural heritage and traditional patterns in textiles, but also from patterns that appear in nature. In the work, a pattern of light, produced by videomapping, is reflected onto a Tampella wall. The work also includes a resonating, six-metre-high sculpture.

The work is realised in cooperation with Tartu, twin city of Tampere, as well as with NGO Valgusklubi (the Light Club) and the Tartu in Light festival. It has been designed by Elo Liiv (sculpture, implementation and idea), Alyona Movko (videomapping) and Taavi Suisalu (sound installation).

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