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Acknowledgements in sports

Honorary titles in the field of sports

Honorary titles are awarded by the City of Tartu to recognise outstanding sports achievements during a particular year.

Honorary titles are bestowed in the following categories: Athlete of the Year (male); Athlete of the Year (female); Young Athlete of the Year (male); Young Athlete of the Year (female); Team of the Year; Trainer of the Year; and Sports Deed of the Year.

All sports organisations operating in Tartu can nominate people for honorary titles at least one month before the ceremony marking the end of the sports year. A committee of no fewer than five members works to compare and assess the nominees’ achievements.

The winners are recognised at a ceremony marking the end of the sports year in December and their names are added to the Book of Honours dedicated to the city’s best athletes.


Best athletes of 2016


  • Athlete of the Year (male): Rasmus Mägi (track and field).
  • Athlete of the Year (female): Julia Beljajeva (fencing).
  • Young Athletes of the Year: Kregor Zirk (swimming) and Margit Kalk (track and field).
  • Team of the Year: Perfetto (female group gymnastics team from the Rütmika gymnastics club).
  • Trainers of the Year: Anne & Taivo Mägi (trainers of Rasmus Mägi).
  • Sports Deed of the Year: Seven international championship medals won by the Tartu Kalev water motorsports club.
  • The committee also recognised the project “Trio to Rio” fronted by marathon-running triplets the Luik sisters.

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Last changed 07.12.2020