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Department of Public Relations

Information about the City Council and the City Government
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
+372 1789

Department of Public Relations

This department works to manage the city’s public relations and organise participative activities, the city’s brand management and marketing activities, foreign relations and tourism.


It informs the public of the City Government’s activities, communicates with the press, develops and edits the city’s website, issues publications and organises the City Government’s official events. The department is responsible for organising the city’s foreign relations with sister and partner cities. It manages the work of the information point in Tartu Town Hall, replies to queries sent via the Tartu Property Maintenance Hotline and advises residents of the city on administrative issues.


In addition to the organisation of the City Government’s daily participative activities, it also manages the city’s participative budgeting process.


The department also works with SA Tartumaa Turism to manage the city’s tourism- and marketing-related activities.



Jaani 7, 51007 Tartu

+372 736 1345

[email protected]

Contact details of employees of Department of Public Relations (in Estonian)

Last changed 14.12.2020