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Why Tartu?

Tartu as a business hub
Business Support Organisations

What exactly makes Tartu so attractive for investments and entrepreneurs?

Innovation in the interest of the community

In a situation where many cities are competing with each other in the realm of technology to become “smart”, Tartu has always set its focus on people. Tartu makes environmentally conscious decisions regarding its environment, industry, infrastructure and the health of its citizens. Tartu is a city that promotes innovation via competitive enterprises, an attractive investment environment, and the facilitation of entrepreneurship and knowledge-based production and services. Tartu is a city in constant motion, empowered by innovative changes with a substantial influence on citizens’ welfare and business growth.


The region’s infrastructure has been extensively updated and the Tartu and Tartu County administrations are cooperating in development strategies and detailed action plans to maximise their potential and maintain a rapid tempo for city and county development. Tartu County is striving to become a region of smart factories and the startup capital of the Baltics. 


In Tartu, you will find one of the best universities in Europe and many top-level scientific institutions and research laboratories. Tartu is a universitas of science and innovation, a place where different fields of research provide mutual support and exchange useful ideas. In Tartu, every company can find brilliant partners from the world of science.

Excellent climate for business

The city is compact, so all companies are situated close to each other and their staff quickly learn about new local opportunities and offers. Tartu makes it easy to launch a small or large business solution. This is because the city authorities are always prepared to cooperate along with the entrepreneur and offer flexible options aimed at ensuring that good concepts and business ideas are rapidly implemented.

Global technological enterprises and developments

Tartu is home to plenty of new companies with promising ideas, as well as a strong startup community. By the way, Tartu is the only city in the world whose nameyou can find sitting perfectly in the middle of the word sTARTUp. The favourable urban environment and the abundance of IT companies stimulate constructive competition and inspire businesses to conquer the world, dig deep into the ground or soar high into space in search of new achievements.


The youthful atmosphere of Tartu creates the sensation of freedom and endless opportunities: plenty of diverse cultural events with all kinds of films, plays, dances, games, street art and cosy relaxation take place in Tartu. The spirit of Tartu is liberal, and the city is invariably full of activity and excitement, whatever the season. This city is green and peaceful, and it inspires good thoughts and facilitates their transformation into good deeds.

Last changed 02.04.2024

Network of Business Support Organisations

Tartu has a strong network of business support organisations which work in close cooperation to develop the economic environment of the city. Here are some helpful organisations and websites that may come in handy if you are interested in entrepreneurship in Tartu.

Department of Business Development of Tartu City Government
Tartu Business Advisory Services Foundation
Tartu Science Park
Tartu Centre for Creative Industries
Tartu Biotechnology Park
Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the University of Tartu
Institute of Technology of the University of Tartu
Tartu County Tourism Foundation
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Last changed 02.04.2024