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Construction of cycle and pedestrian tracks

In recent years, the City of Tartu has made a considerable effort to advance cycle and pedestrian traffic, especially the former. Every year, the city constructs new cycle and pedestrian tracks and repairs old ones in order to protect the city’s environment and motivate residents to use sustainable and healthy means of transport. And the City Government’s efforts are paying off: more and more cyclists are appearing in the city, even during the colder seasons. At the same time, there remains room for improvement so as to make Tartu’s network of cycle and pedestrian tracks safer and more integrated, and to encourage even more residents to choose bicycles for their commute.

Smart Bike Share rental system

Map of cycle tracks in Tartu (2019)

Photo: Kerly Ilves
Photo: Kerly Ilves

Cycling events

Tartu City Government arranges various events to popularise cycling. For example, at the start of each spring the city celebrates the beginning of the new cycling season by organising a number of events in the city centre, providing bicycle maintenance services to residents of Tartu, holding events for children and encouraging people to take their two-wheelers out for a spin and kick off the new season. For several years now the opening of the season has included the announcement of the most bicycle-friendly institutions.

In autumn Tartu celebrates Car-Free Day, calling on residents of the city to leave their cars at home and use bicycles or public transport (or simply walk) to get around the city centre.

Tartu also hosts major recreational and professional cycling events.

Tartu Rattaralli, the biggest road cycling event in Eastern Europe, takes place at the end of May. It involves professional road cyclists from Estonia and abroad as well as recreational cyclists using various types of two-wheeler. Tartu Rattaralli traditionally starts and ends in the centre Tartu.


Last changed 07.12.2020