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Department of Architecture and Building

Information about the City Council and the City Government
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
+372 1789

Department of Architecture and Building

This department coordinates the city’s construction activities and construction supervision, issues regarding the protection of cultural property and objects of cultural value and issues pertaining to architecture and urban planning. Four services operate within the department.


The Architecture Service organises competitions on architecture and urban planning; draws up zoning ordinances and terms and conditions for the design of buildings; coordinates construction projects; directs urban planning; and issues permits for the installation of advertisements.


The Supervision Service is responsible for construction supervision; inspects newly constructed buildings; issues permits for the use of buildings; inspects the maintenance of buildings; orders expert assessments of construction projects; deals with unauthorised construction; and organises the annual competition for the best construction of the year.


The Cultural Heritage Service organises the study and preservation of cultural property, building sites with cultural significance and other objects of cultural value; approves plans and construction projects related to heritage conservation areas and building sites with cultural significance; organises the protection and supervision of archaeological sites; and allocates restoration grants.


The Permits and Registry Service reviews construction projects and checks whether they comply with requirements; issues construction permits and permits for the use of buildings as well as facilities; and submits data to the State Register of Construction Works.



Küüni 5, 51004 Tartu

+372 7361 238

[email protected]

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