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Preschool children’s institutions

Preschool children’s institutions

The city of Tartu has created opportunities for all children permanently residing in its administrative territory to attend a preschool establishment – a nursery school or a childcare institution. Tartu nursery schools constitute one-of-a-kind safe environments where teachers and parents work together to create conditions fostering curiosity and creativity in children.

In recent years, Tartu has seen the construction of several new nursery schools. Additionally, new vacancies have been created in existing buildings and the number of groups in existing children’s institutions has been increased.

The city of Tartu also provides childcare services. City-owned childcare institutions function as filial branches of existing nursery schools and guarantee the same kind of conditions and activities as regular nursery schools. The fees at municipal nursery schools and childcare institutions are equal and thanks to the support provided by the city, private childcare has also become more affordable for parents.

There are more than 30 municipal and 13 private nursery schools in Tartu. Childcare services are provided in 5 municipal and 50 private childcare institutions.

We apologise that the information provided on the referenced websites is available only in Estonian.

Photo by Meelis Lokk
Photo by Meelis Lokk

International childcare

The Tartu International Daycare, operating as part of the Tartu International School, provides childcare services in English. The institution can accommodate up to 22 children. Activities take place in English. In addition to the curriculum, the childcare institution also offers the following hobby groups: crafting, drama and dance, judo.

Additional information: http://daycare.tartu.ee/

The English study group at the Terake nursery school also provides preschool education in English.


Photo by Kerly Ilves
Photo by Kerly Ilves

Last changed 03.10.2023