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City Council

Information about the City Council and the City Government
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
+372 1789


Tartu City Council

The City Council of Tartu, with its 49 members, is the representative body of the municipal government that is elected by the electorate of the City of Tartu in every four years.

Based on the results of the elections of 15 October 2017, the City Council is formed of representatives of five political parties and two election coalitions. The biggest faction in Tartu City Council is that of the Estonian Reform Party (20 members), followed by the Estonian Social Democratic Party (8 members), the Estonian Centre Party (7 members), the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (6 members) and the Isamaa Party (3 members). Three councillors are representatives of the election coalition ‘For the Good of Tartu’ and two represent the election coalition ‘For Tartu’. The Reform Party and the Estonian Social Democratic Party have formed a coalition.

The work of the City Council is organised by Chairman Lemmit Kaplinski (Estonian Social Democratic Party). In his absence, duties are performed by Vice-chairman Ene Ergma (Reform Party). The Chairman and Vice-chairman, along with the leaders of the factions, form the Board of the City Council, which discusses issues connected with the organisation of the work of the City Council.

The exclusive competence of the City Council includes important decisions such as the adoption and amendment of the city budget and the taking of loans; establishing procedures for granting benefits from the city budget and for the administration and use of city assets; adoption of the city development plan and comprehensive and detailed plans.

The City Council of Tartu has eight standing committees, each with different scopes of activity. They function as advisory bodies to the City Council. Committees review draft legislative acts, present proposals regarding them and initiate discussions.

Meetings of the City Council take place at least once a month. Meetings are broadcast live.

Tartu City Council
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
Phone: +372 736 1202
E-mail: volikogu@tartu.ee


City Council meeting
City Council meeting

Last changed 12.02.2021

Factions of the City Council

Estonian Reform Party

1. Laura Danilas
2. Ene Ergma
3. Tamara Hristoforova
4. Veljo Ipits
5. Harri Jallajas
6. Helmer Jõgi
7. Triin Anette Kaasik
8. Toomas Kapp
9. Indrek Katušin
10. Krõõt Kiviste
11. Ants Laaneots
12. Verni Loodmaa
13. Senta-Ellinor Michelson
14. Nikolai Männik
15. Andrus Punt
16. Jüri Sasi
17. Kristo Seli
18. Toomas Tein
19. Tiia Teppan
20. Kristjan Tiirik

Chairman of the Faction
Krõõt Kiviste
Phone: +372 509 0030
E-mail: kroot.kiviste@tartulvk.ee

Advisor of the Faction
Olev Kork
Phone: +372 5812 7521
E-mail: olev.kork@gmail.com

Estonian Social Democratic Party

1. Toomas Jürgenstein
2. Lemmit Kaplinski
3. Kadri Leetmaa
4. Ott Maidre
5. Heljo Pikhof
6. Karl Pütsepp
7. Piret Uluots

Chairman of the Faction
Kadri Leetmaa
Phone: +372 5569 4019
E-mail: kadri.leetmaa@tartulvk.ee

Advisor of the Faction
Hannaliisa Visk
Phone: +372 5564 7871
E-mail: hannaliisa.visk@gmail.com



Estonian Centre Party

1. Jelena Frunze
2. Rein Kokk
3. Aadu Must
4. Irina Panova
5. Nikolai Põdramägi
6. Artjom Suvorov
7. Vladimir Šokman

Chairman of the Faction
Vladimir Šokman
Phone: +372 504 9624
E-mail: vladimir.sokman@tartulvk.ee

Advisor of the Faction
Markus Meier
Phone: +372 5373 8456
E-mail: markusmeier704@gmail.com


Isamaa Party

1. Merle Jääger
2. Anneli Kannus
3. Jüri Kõre
4. Mihhail Lotman
5. Kaja Tarto

Chairman of the Faction
Jüri Kõre
Phone: +372 5340 2123
E-mail: juri.kore@tartulvk.ee

Advisor of the Faction
Toomas Kalmus
Phone: +372 5661 9303
E-mail: kalmus.t@gmail.com

Estonian Conservative People’s Party and election coalitions

Estonian Conservative People’s Party
1. Indrek Kalda
2. Eva Loskit
3. Indrek Särg
4. Heiki Vilep

Indrek Kalda
Phone: +372 503 1013
E-mail: indrek.kalda@tartulvk.ee

Election coalition 'For Tartu'

1. Hannes Klaas
2. Tanel Tein

Hannes Klaas
Phone: +372 515 9255
E-mail: hannes.klaas@tartulvk.ee

Election coalition 'For the Good of Tartu'
Jüri-Ott Salm

Phone: +372 529 5933
E-mail: juri-ott.salm@tartulvk.ee





Last changed 12.02.2021

Committees of the City Council

Committee of Finances

Scope of Activity: finances, city budget, governing, using and controlling municipal property, etc.

Chairman of the Committee
Toomas Kapp
Phone: +372 504 3415
E-mail: toomas.kapp@tartulvk.ee

Toomas Kapp

Committee of Urban Planning and Development

Scope of Activity: urban planning, land survey and use, development plans, construction and architecture, etc.

Chairman of the Committee
Veljo Ipits
Phone: +372 516 5225
E-mail: veljo.ipits@tartulvk.ee

Veljo Ipits

Committee of Economic Affairs

Scope of Activity: regulation of traffic, public transport, city cleaning, road-building, waterworks, waste management, tourism infrastructure, entrepreneurship etc.

Chairman of the Committee
Verni Loodmaa
Phone: +372 503 4722
E-mail: verni.loodmaa@tartulvk.ee

Verni Loodmaa

Committee of Education

Scope of Activity: education, youth and children, etc.

Chairman of the Committee
Piret Uluots
E-mail: piret.uluots@tartulvk.ee

Piret Uluots

Committee of Culture

Scope of Activity: culture, sports, symbols, monuments and toponyms of the city, etc.

Chairman of the Committee
Toomas Jürgenstein
Phone: +372 5562 9938
E-mail: toomas.jurgenstein@tartulvk.ee

Toomas Jürgenstein

Committee of Environment

Scope of Activity: environmental protection, urban landscaping, assessment of environmental impact, etc.

Chairman of the Committee
Ott Maidre
Phone: +372 553 4717
E-mail: ott.maidre@tartulvk.ee

Ott Maidre

Committee of Internal Audit

Scope of Activity: auditing the activities of the City Government, its efficiency and compliance with laws and regulations, controlling the reliability of accountancy and financial reporting, etc.

Chairman of the Committee
Nikolai Põdramägi
E-mail: nikolai.podramagi@tartulvk.ee


Nikolai Põdramägi

Committee of Social Care

Scope of Activity: social insurance and welfare, child protection, health care, employment, etc.

Chairman of the Committee
Triin Anette Kaasik
Phone: +372 507 2308
E-mail: triinanette.kaasik@tartulvk.ee

Triin Anette Kaasik

Last changed 12.02.2021