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Municipal maintenance

Municipal maintenance

The landscaping and cleaning office of the Department of City Economy of the Tartu City Government is responsible for the maintenance of public parks, roads and bus stops in the city.

You can use city of Tartu`s Hotline +372 1789 to report any maintenance issues in the city. In addition to telephoning you can also write an e-mail to [email protected] or leave your message on our website at https://www.tartu.ee/et/1789.

Immovable property owners must comply with the following requirements when maintaining their properties:

  • Clear footpaths adjoining your plot from snow and carry out anti-slip treatment of footpaths within eight hours after snowfall. Do not throw snow on the road!
  • Use sand, granite siftings or chlorides for anti-slip treatment. Granite siftings can be up to 6 mm in diameter. The homeowners association along with the Tartu City Government has placed sand for anti-slip treatment in various places around the city.
  • Remove snow and icicles from the roof.
  • Clean up waste and garbage from your property.
  • Sweep up any anti-slip treatment materials left on the footpath from winter.
  • Cut off tree and shrub branches that block movement on footpaths.
  • Trim hedges and rake leaves.
  • Mow the lawn (lawn height must not exceed 15 cm).
  • Place on the street-facing wall of the building or the border of your property (in a visible place) a sign with the building’s address and make sure that it is visible 24/7.
  • Do not burn waste materials, including garden waste (twigs, leaves, etc.). Leaves, twigs and other garden waste can be taken to the city’s waste disposal stations for a fee.

Tartu communal property maintenance

Each spring, citizens of Tartu are invited to clean up their neighbourhood and participate in a campaign for communal property maintenance. This tradition dates back to 1998 and is very popular among residents of Tartu. The campaign for communal property maintenance is organised by the Department of City Economy. They equip participants with tools and work with partners to provide snacks and hand out awards for the best participants.

The director of communal property management is Madis Tammeorg, Chief Specialist of Urban Maintenance at the Department of City Economy. If you want to participate in communal property maintenance, you can contact him by dialling +372 503 7215 or by sending an email to [email protected].

Good thoughts result from clean surroundings!

Last changed 06.05.2022