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Recreational activities

Tartu has a unique cultural life. The city is an ideal environment for people engaged with professional, folk and alternative culture. Tartu is home to interesting museums as well as theatres and concert halls with diverse repertoires. Interesting and exciting festivals take place all year round. Thanks to Tartu’s top athletes and major sports events, the city’s sports life is also well-known beyond Estonia’s national borders.

Department of Culture

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Raekoja plats 12, 51004 Tartu

Recreational activities

Recreational activities for young people

An overview of different hobby groups, activities in youth centres, youth programmes and other interesting opportunities for pupils in Tartu can be found  on this platform Recreational Activities for Pupils in Tartu.

The information is provided in three languages. The foreign-language sections of the publication list partners willing to provide guidance in the corresponding language, in which case it is not necessary to speak Estonian to join in on the activity.

Photo by Heikki Leis
Photo by Heikki Leis

Hobby schools

There are three city-owned and a number of private hobby schools operating in Tartu, many of which receive funding from the city. An overview of the hobby schools in Tartu can be found on this platform Recreational Activities for Pupils in Tartu.

Funding for private hobby schools

The City of Tartu supports private hobby schools providing recreational education for children and/or young people in Tartu by means of a capitation fee.

Private hobby schools must submit funding applications in the official state language. For this reason, refer to the Estonian version of the website for more information.

Last changed 11.09.2023