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Department of Communal Services

Information about the City Council and the City Government
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
+372 1789

Department of Communal Services

This department is responsible for the organisation of the city’s technical infrastructure and environmental protection. These responsibilities are divided among four services. Another institution operating within the department is Tartu Graveyards.


The Landscaping and Cleaning Service handles the construction and maintenance of public green areas, playgrounds and sports fields; planting work and tree care in public green areas and the issuing of permits to cut trees; the construction and maintenance of flower beds and flower boxes; the ordering of life-guard service; the inventory of greeneries, playgrounds and beaches; the year-round maintenance of public roads, streets, car parks and squares; the maintenance of bus stops, benches and garbage bins; the elimination of illegal garbage-dumping places; and issues relating to stray animals.


The Environmental Service organises waste management, the assessment of environmental impact, environmental research and the promotion of environmental awareness. It also performs state supervision in compliance with the Waste Act and the Public Water Supply and Sewerage Act.


The Road Maintenance Service looks after the construction and repair of roads and bridges and the building of cycling infrastructure and street lights. It also issues extraction permits. Handles parking arrangements and the organisation of paid parking services. It also organises public transport (incl. taxis) and issues public transport permits, as well as parking permits, permits for exceptional loads and permits to block roads and streets.



Raekoja plats 3, 51003 Tartu

+372 736 1270

l[email protected]

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Last changed 08.03.2024