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Information about the City Council and the City Government
Raekoda, 51003 Tartu
Phone 1789

Symbols of Tartu

The Flag and the Coat of Arms of Tartu

The flag of the City of Tartu was granted to the city by King Stephan Bathory of Poland with the privilege of 9th May, 1584. The flag is horizontally divided into white and red bands of equal size. The middle of the flag bears a large image of the coat of arms of the City of Tartu.



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The Logo and the Slogan of Tartu

The logo and the slogan of the City of Tartu are used on printed matter, souvenirs and posters which introduce Tartu as a tourist destination. They are also displayed at events, city presentations, fairs, etc., both in Estonia and abroad. The columns of the main building of the university and motifs of the Emajõgi River are intertwined in the multi-coloured logo of the City of Tartu.


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Tartu – UNESCO City of Literature

At the end of 2015, Tartu was accepted into UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network and received the international title of City of Literature.


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Tartu’s River Flag

The River Flag symbolises Tartu as a water and river city and enables local people commuting by water to indicate their affiliation. Boats using a harbour located in the city as their home port and harbour buildings or facilities located within the administrative territory of Tartu usually fly the River Flag.


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