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8th Tartu Mixed Choirs Singing Day – Cyrillus Kreek 130 | Tõnu Kõrvits 50

Press Release of Tiigi Community Centre

Choir Singing Day

25 October / Kreek & Kõrvits – mesmerising, unique and entirely our own. Multifaceted travellers in the human soul and folklore. Two composers whose works will bring the best of Tartu’s mixed choirs to St Paul's Church in Tartu on 30 November.

2019 marks 130 years since the birth of beloved choral composer Cyrillus Kreek. It has also seen Tõnu Kõrvits, one of Estonia’s best-known contemporary composers, celebrate his first landmark birthday.

Choirmaster Lilyan Kaiv, the creative director of the Mixed Choirs Singing Day, connects the two composers via the concert's main piece. Select choirs will perform the beautiful Kreek’s Notebook by Tõnu Kõrvits, written for mixed choir and string orchestra, in St Paul's Church in Tartu. They will be joined by the Tartu St Mary’s Chamber Orchestra.

In addition, the audience will have a rare opportunity to hear the best of Kreek’s choir songs performed by a large joint choir of mixed choirs. The audience will enjoy well-known songs such as Our Village Lane, Winter Night, Our Master, Sleep Well My Little Matthias, Psalm 104 of David and Blessed Is the Man.

A large proportion of Tartu’s best mixed choirs, who polished their voices and harmonies during the two summer song festivals, will be taking part in the singing day at St Paul’s Church – 9 choirs with around 300 singers in total. The performers are the Biomedicum Mixed Choir, the Camerata Universitatis Chamber Choir, the Helü Chamber Choir, the MASK Mixed Choir of Memory Institutions, the Vanemuine Mixed Choir, Tartu St Mary’s Church Choir, Tartu Youth Choir, Tartu Students’ Choir and the Mixed Choir of Tartu Students Nature Conservation Group. In addition to the repertoire of the joint choir, each of the choirs will also perform works of Kreek and Kõrvits of their own choice.

Choirmaster Lilyan Kaiv is the creative director of the 8th Mixed Choirs Singing Day. Having worked with a large number of orchestras and won several competitions, Kaiv was also one of the founders of Tartu St Mary’s Chamber Orchestra, which brings together professional musicians from Tallinn and Tartu alike.

Tickets are available in advance from Piletimaailm (€6) or before the concert at the door (€10/8).

Last changed 25.10.2019