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A defibrillator now in place at Town Hall pharmacy

Tartu City Government Press Release


29 June / The City of Tartu has bought an AED, or automated external defibrillator, now available at the Town Hall pharmacy.

The defibrillator is installed on the wall next to the pharmacy’s entrance. The device is in a handy, portable bag so that it can be quickly taken to the place it is needed. During daytime, anybody who needs to help a victim can remove the device from its stand on the wall. At night, the device will be personally handed over by one of the pharmacy’s staff who will also accompany you to help out with resuscitation. All of the pharmacy’s employees have been trained in resuscitation and first aid skills.

The device comes with electrodes and a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) mask. The kit also includes scissors to avoid losing valuable time on removing clothing from the chest as well as a prep razor for shaving chest hair so that electrodes can be attached properly.

According to Piret Väljaots, Head of Health Care Service of the City of Tartu, the device is so simple to use that everybody can do it. “The device gives detailed instructions according to the victim’s condition, thus assuring the one using the device that everything is done exactly as it should,” said Väljaots. Because in a stressful situation you may be unable to recall vital first aid basics, the device reminds you to contact emergency services as well as guides you through the process of giving a cardiac massage. If necessary, the fully automatic device delivers a timely electric shock which can save a person’s life.

According to the Head of Health Care Service, many young people in Tartu are well familiar with an AED device. Since 2013, the Department of Social Welfare and Health Care of Tartu City Government has been providing, in cooperation with OÜ Tartu Koolitervishoid, healthcare services in schools in Tartu, and resuscitation and AED device training to children in basic schools in Tartu.

For further information please contact: Piret Väljaots, Head of the Department of Social Welfare and Health Care, Tartu City Government, phone: 7361 321 or 5358 6559.

Last changed 29.06.2018