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Christmas fair following safety protocols to be held Saturday in the City Centre 

Tartu City Government Press Release

Christmas fair Foto: Eva Maria Tartu

10 December / The Tartu Christmas Fair will take place on Saturday, 12 December, bringing local food and handicraft vendors to trade along Küüni Street and in Keskpark. Various safety measures are being followed in organising the Christmas market.

Sellers at the Christmas market will be placed along Küüni Street and in the park at a sufficient distance to ensure that sellers and buyers are dispersed, and security staff will ask buyers to keep their distance in the queues. It is strongly recommended that Christmas market participants also wear a mask outdoors.
Rene Kiis, Manager of Tartu Turg, explained that the sellers will be offering townspeople local handicrafts and food stuffs that cannot be found in regular shops. ‘I am delighted to report that there will be many sellers coming to trade at the outdoor fair. In consultation with the Health Board, we decided that an open-air market will allow local life to continue’, noted Kiis.
‘This past year has been a difficult one, and small producers and traders have not had many opportunities to sell their products. Maarjalaat showed that both traders and visitors are interested, and that a fair can also be organized in compliance with safety requirements. I am pleased that Tartu Turg is doing its best and that the long tradition of the Tartu Christmas Fair is able to continue. I remind visitors that we have a responsibility to prevent the spread of the virus and that we must remain at home if we are sick’, said Alo Lilles, Head of the Business Development Department.
The fair will take place from 10-16, on 12 December. Local food and handicrafts can also be purchased from the market building until Christmas, with special attention being paid to ventilation in order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Tartu Turg follows recommendations for limiting the spread of the disease and makes adjustments as the situation changes.

Tartu Turg is a valued and valuable partner for small producers, responsible traders and customers who value freshness. The market building is the calling card for Estonian food in Tartu, bringing together high-quality goods of known origin and helping them to reach city residents directly.

Last changed 10.12.2020