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City of Tartu seeks to support air travel from Tartu

Tartu City Government

Air travel from Tartu Foto: Tarmo Haud

17 November / The Tartu City Government issued a public call for the submission of applications from all interested parties looking to receive support for opening new air service from Tartu.

The City of Tartu is ready to provide monetary support to flights in the direction of Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga or Copenhagen. Destinations were selected in 2017 on the basis of a questionnaire organised by Tallinna Lennujaam AS. 

According to Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas, those destinations are the most important when it comes to the development of Tartu. ‘Good air service to centres of attraction in the surrounding region will serve to strengthen our economy and international business relations, to promote tourism, while also being of particular importance to universities’.   

The Tartu City Government is ready to set aside EUR 200,000 in next year’s budget in order to provide support. In order to be eligible to receive support, regular flights must begin by 30 April 2018, at the latest. Flights must take place at least 6 times per week. The City Government has also established requirements for the departure and arrival times of flights.  

According to Urmas Klaas, proper flight times are very important to residents of Tartu. ‘Morning flights should allow for passengers to reach as many of the first wave of connecting flights as possible and to return to Tartu late in the evening’, added Klaas.  

Additional information: http://www.tartu.ee/en/flights-from-TAY 

Additional information:
Mayor Urmas Klaas, Tel: 7361 221, 513 5145
City Secretary Jüri Mölder, Tel: 736 1203, 503 2089

Last changed 17.11.2017