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City of Tartu announced their 2022 Culture Bearers

Tartu City Government Press Release

Kultuurikandjate tänuüritus Photo: Gabriela Urm

17 February / At the thank-you event held at the Estonian National Museum this week, the City of Tartu awarded the honorary title of ‘Tartu Culture Bearer’ in nine categories to individuals and collectives who have stood out in Tartu’s cultural life during the year.

Heleri All, who has won the hearts of TV viewers with her sincere and inquisitive reporting over the past few years, was named Culture Communicator of the Year, and as proof of this, she brought the title of Best Reporter, from the Estonian Film and TV Awards Gala, to Tartu. She was awarded the honorary title for her brilliant coverage of Tartu’s vibrant cultural life.

Hedi-Liis Toome, who runs Draama, the largest theatre festival in Estonia, and also promotes theatre studies – she holds a PhD in theatre studies and is a lecturer at the University of Tartu – was presented with the honorary title of Culture Organiser of the Year.

tARTu Gallery was named Cultural Organisation of the Year for its tireless work in supporting the arts in Tartu and Ukraine. Tirelessly standing up for Ukrainian freedom. A good example of this is the exhibition Päästik / Тригер / Trigger curated by Viktoria, an artist living in Ukraine, and the series Viktoria’s Letters, which have been published in many Estonian newspapers and read out in front of the Russian Embassy.

Trad.Attack! – Make Your Move, the final concert at Tartu Song Festival Grounds, was named Cultural Event of the Year. More than 150 people were involved in organising the concert, and the event attracted more than 5,000 people.

Kaisa Kuslapuu, the versatile musician and creator, was awarded the honorary title of Creator of the Year. Last year, Lonitseera, the band performing her songs, released its first album, Tapeet, to much attention and praise.

The title of Young Culture Bearer of the Year was awarded to the star of theatre and film Maarja Johanna Mägi, who played the role of Keterlyn in the historical feature film series Melchior the Apothecary, which attracted the attention of audiences and critics, as well as a part in the production Cervantoorium, at the Tartu New Theatre, and two parts at her home theatre Vanemuine.

The laureate in the Folk Culture Performer of the Year category is Külli Petersell, who is the director of the non-profit organisation Tartumaa Rahvatantsujuhtide Liit and staged the successful Tartu County Dance Festival Day on the Emajõgi River.

The honorary title of Technical Support of the Year went to Sten Arvi, sound engineer at and CEO of Culpro OÜ, who has provided the sound for folk dance events and has also dealt with the recording of snippets of text and commercials.

The laureate in the Newcomer of the Year category is Ukrainian House, which was recognised for helping to integrate Ukrainians living in Tartu and enriching their cultural life. Last year, Ukrainian House, as the main organiser or a key organising partner, with the help of more than 50 volunteers, carried out over 60 events for more than 4000 participants. The team from the Ukrainian House is led by Ana Symuk, Lena Solohub, and Alina Paas.

The laureates were presented with a work of art by Viktoria Berezina, and the prize was accompanied by a cash award.

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