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City of Tartu named ‘Environmentally Friendly Local Government of the Year’

Ministry of the Environment Press Release

City of Tartu named ‘Environmentally Friendly Local Government of the Year’ Photo: Arno Mikkor

10 November / 5 November 2021 / The Ministry of the Environment presented last year’s environmental awards at its festive gala.

In his opening speech, Minister of the Environment Tõnis Mölder said that at the gala we will be recognising and thanking the people, companies, local governments and educational institutions who have taken environmental issues to heart. The Minister thanked them, saying: ‘your example and brilliant ideas serve as a great inspiration to us all’.

The awards presented for last year’s activities are:

‘Environmental Youth of the Year’ – Martin Tikk. Martin Tikk has been a volunteer with the Estonian Ornithological Society, an active young man, whose writings have also reached, for example, the ERR news portal. Martin also has his own personal development plan, where, for example, in the category of ‘sustainable habits’, he lists train and bus trips, meals ordered to his home, trips taken by car, meals containing meat and much more!

‘Environmentally Friendly Educational Institution of the Year’ – Tallinn Laagna Upper Secondary School and Rakvere Rohuaia Nursery School. Rakvere Rohuaia Nursery School won the award for its very systematic teaching and environmentally friendly way of thinking. Tallinn Laagna Upper Secondary School is a well-known and pleasant environmentally friendly school in Lasnamäe.

‘Environmentally Friendly Local Government of the Year – in the category of local government with less than 10,000 inhabitants – Hiiumaa Rural Municipality – and in the category of local governments with more than 10,000 inhabitants – the City of Tartu. Valuing a lifestyle that is close to nature is considered to be important in Hiiumaa, along with the expanding of green thinking and behaviour in the development of various economic sectors. In the City of Tartu, preserving the environment is the main issue that is followed when it comes to planning the development of the city and bringing everyday activities to life.

‘Environmentally Friendly Company of the Year’ – Comodule OÜ. Comodule is one of the world’s leading micro-mobility developers, producing both Internet of Things (IoT) modules/solutions which allow for the managing of sharing economy systems, as well as the world’s most environmentally friendly electric scooters under the brands Tuul and Äike. Comodule’s product development is very clearly oriented towards the future and the green transition. In addition, the people chose Comodule as their favourite. In the category of the most environmentally friendly company of the year, AS Tallinna Sadam was also recognised, being presented with a special award in the field of environmental management, Aritsana OÜ was recognised as a promoter of the Ecodesign Circle and Weerec OÜ was recognised as a promoter of Waste Handling.

‘Environmental Influencer of the Year’ – Reigo Ahven. With his passion, curiosity and volunteerism, Reigo Ahven has raised the level of awareness of Estonians when it comes to the topics of fishing and forestry. He is one of the advocates for the removal of dams from our rivers and a promoter of sustainable fishing. Reigo Ahven does not choose sides when explaining the topic of forestry, instead pointing out both the positive and negative aspects of the choices based on the facts.

‘Environmental Act of the Year’ – Fred Mühls for cleaning the Keila River. When he goes fishing, Fred Mühls voluntarily helps clean up the Keila River, and by doing so is an example to all of us, showing

that we don’t have to wait for a call to action, but that everyone can also contribute in their free time.

Last changed 10.11.2021