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Contemporary Latvian art in Tartu Art House

Tartu Art House

9 November / On Friday, 17 November at 18.00 three exhibitions of Latvian contemporary female artists will be opened at the Tartu Art House.

Group exhibition “Goddess Ex Machina”, Margrieta Griestiņa’s personal exhibition “Daggy’s Last Selfie” and Mētra Saberova’s personal exhibition “Pimpin’ Yo Mama Crib”.

Exhibition will remain open until 10 December.

Group exhibition “Goddess Ex Machina” in Art House’s large gallery is devoted to the investigation of images of women in contemporary society, which often oscillate between two extremes. On the one hand, conforming to the popular practices of “treating yourself” and “feminine happiness” which often acquire esoteric qualities, the woman is compared to a goddess who leads a royal life, spending time in beauty salons and silk morning gowns. On the other hand, looking from a realistic, everyday perspective where the weight of endless work and responsibilities lies on the woman's shoulders, the woman appears to have turned into a machine whose value is determined by her productivity indicators.
Participating artists: Rasa Jansone, Anda Magone, Inga Meldere, Ingrīda Pičukāne and Eva Vēvere.
Curator: Jana Kukaine.
At the exhibition’s opening, Ingrīda Pičukāne will begin work on the painting “Sensual Meadow”, which will continue for the duration of the exhibition.
Musician Vija Moora will perform during the opening performance.

Margrieta Griestiņa's (Dreiblate) personal exhibition “Daggy's Last Selfie” in Art House’s small gallery was made in the computer game “GTA V”. The exhibition's main character Daggy is a blind, black middle-aged man with the identity of a rural gangster. Instead of submitting to the rules of the game, which involve the building of the game world and violence in killing the other characters of the film, Daggy decides to document his emotional experiences and feelings towards his friends as well as the virtual city and nature by making selfies. Often Daggy is killed before he manages to photograph himself, therefore he has no choice but to leave his friends and go on romantic rambles on his own.
Exhibition is curated by Šelda Puķīte. During the opening, musician TV Maskava will give a unique musical performance.

Mētra Saberova's personal exhibition “Pimpin’ Yo Mama Crib” in Art House’s monumental gallery deals with the discussion about the cultural, political and social significance of woman’s body within the reality of the 21st century. The artist uses herself and her body as an instrument to play out scenarios of medical tourism – performatively orchestrated operations, reflecting on this personal and physical experience in a playful, amusing format. What at first appears to be comical, on deeper insight poses questions on woman's identity and her right to make decisions about her own body.
Exhibition is curated by Šelda Puķīte. Artist will make a performance during the opening.

Additional information:

Indrek Grigor
Tartu Art House gallerist
5559 1425

Tartu Art House (Vanemuise 26, Tartu, Estonia) is open Wed–Mon 12–18. Exhibitions are free of charge.
The exhibitions of the Tartu Art House are supported by the Tartu Town Government and the Cultural Capital of Estonia.

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