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Countrywide special plan for the structural design of the wood refining plant

Town hall Foto: Kalle Paalits

8 March /




Tartu,  7 March 2018


Countrywide special plan for the structural design of the wood refining plant



  • The Government of the Republic initiated the countrywide special plan for the structural design of the wood refining plant in the counties of Viljandi and Tartu on 12 May 2017;

  • The quantity of pollutants potentially emitted in the environment by the wood refining plant structurally designed under the countrywide special plan is extremely large even when adhering to environmental norms and implementing the best available techniques (BATs);

  • The key objective of the Water Framework Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council is to achieve good status for all water bodies by 2015. To achieve the objective, the member states must implement the principles of catchment-based water management, establish river basins to organise water management, and prepare river basin management plans for every river basin. Thus far, the Republic of Estonia has not reached the objective of the framework directive concerning the Emajõgi River and Lake Peipsi. The objective set out in the river basin management plan of the East-Estonian river basin is to reach good status of the Emajõgi River and Lake Peipsi by 2027. Establishment of the wood refining plant counteracts the achievement of the objectives set out in the river basin management plan and may be considered, in our view, as an environmental threat, which must be prevented pursuant to the General Part of the Environmental Code Act;

  • Planning the wood refining plant in Tartu County is in contradiction with the development plans of Tartu County and the City of Tartu, as well as investments made by both private and public sectors in accordance with these development plans.

  • The proceedings regarding the preparation of the countrywide special plan has not complied, in our view, with the Planning Act, and violates the constitutional autonomy of local authority.

  • Initiation of the countrywide special plan, amendment of the principles for financing the preparation of a special plan, and preparation of the intent to develop original positions for and impact assessment of the special plan have not, in our view, been conducted transparently or inclusively;


in our view, circumstances have emerged that should have prevented the initiation of preparing the countrywide special plan. Due to the unlawful and questionable procedural acts executed thus far, implementing the countrywide special plan in the future is precluded and the proceedings for the preparation of the special plan must be terminated.



Tartu City Council


Submitted by: Tartu City Government


Approved: on the meeting of the presidency of the Tartu City Council of 5 March 2018




Last changed 08.03.2018