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Estonian film and choral music to come together during Tartuff

7 August / The opening of this year’s Tartuff, the festival of love films which forms part of the Black Nights Film Festival, will be made special.

It will be made special by the fact that Estonian films and choral music will come together in a way never seen before on Town Hall Square in Tartu. Taking to the stage will be almost 400 singers from Tartu County, who will present well-known Estonian choral songs set against a backdrop of landscapes from Estonian films. This unique concert is entitled ‘The Spirit of the North: Landscapes from Estonian Films’.

“How would the classics of Estonian choral music sound if they were sung in forests, by the sea, in bogs or on landscapes seen in Estonian films and environments recognisable from the screen?” director Jaak Kilmi asked himself. “Our aim is to open up the meanings of the songs via the language of films, and to create new links between images and music. ”

The programme, which will last for around 50 minutes, will include the music of Cyrillus Kreek, Evald Aav, Villem Kapp, Mart Saar, Gustav Ernesaks, Veljo Tormis, Olav Ehala, Pärt Uusberg and other composers. Scenes from almost 70 different films in three genres will be included, as well as dream-like landscapes as yet unvisited, which will not only be projected onto the screen but also onto the surrounding buildings.

Thanks to video artist Alyona Movko, some elements of the landscapes will also vanish from the screen during the concert, only to magically reappear elsewhere on Town Hall Square. Once the well-known footage from the films and the beloved characters have been established, they will be assembled as the concert goes on into brand new screen relationships and thus far unseen dream-like landscapes.

The concert will feature 13 choirs: the Elva Gymnasium Girls’ Choir; the Elva Gymnasium Female Teachers’ Choir; the University of Tartu Academic Women’s Choir Alumni Choir; the University of Tartu Hospital Women’s Choir; the Kurekell Girls’ Choir; the Emajõe Laulikud Women’s Choir; the Tartu Song Festival Museum Mixed Choir; the Ave Mixed Choir from Elva; the So-Le-Mi-Jo Chamber Choir; the Tartu University Students Mixed Choir; the Helü Chamber Choir; the Anima Mixed Choir from Hugo Treffner Gymnasium; and the A. Le Coq Chamber Choir.

The musical director and conductor for the event is Küllike Joosing, assisted by conductor Vilve Maide, while the organisers are Tiigi Community Centre and Tartuff.

Supporters and partners:

City of Tartu, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the National Culture Centre, tARTuFF, PÖFF & Embach Ehitus OÜ

The concert will be held at 22:00 on Monday 13 August. Tartuff’s opening ceremony will take place 15 minutes ahead of the concert. The concert will be followed at 23:30 by a screening of Sydney Pollack’s evergreen Out of Africa.

Tartuff will run from 13-18 August. It is the biggest open-air film festival in the Baltic States, transforming Tartu’s Town Hall Square into a giant cinema for six consecutive nights.

Last changed 07.08.2018