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Health care issues are discussed at online conference

Tartu Health Care College press release

22 October / On November 19, Tartu Health Care College (THCC) organizes an online conference „Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Full of Knowledge“, where the exciting results of applied research and theses will be presented.

Tha main organizer of the conference, Development Specialist of THCC Jaan Looga explained that there will be a great variety of topics discussed at the conference that should be interesting and essential to the specialists in the field of health care but also to citizens. „There are topics of general interest, such as the cleanliness of public playrooms, the health of amateur athletes, head lice among preschool aged children, neonatal pain and blood tests,“ he adds.
In order to participate you should register before November 1, 2020. Participation is free of charge. The simultaneous translation to English is provided. Additional information, schedule and registration: www.nooruse.ee/conference.

Science conference „Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Full of Knowledge“ is organized by THCC for the fourth time. THCC is a professional higher education institution providing education in the fields of health, wellbeing and service.

Further information : Jaan Looga, Development Specialist of Tartu Health Care College, [email protected], tel +372 737 0211

Last changed 22.10.2020