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Kaarsild’s sound and lighting installations to be showcased this week

Tartu City Government

Kaarsild Foto: Erge Jõgela

17 October / At 19.00 on 20 October, the sound and lighting installations of the newly renovated Kaarsild will be showcased.

The installations authored by master's students from the New Media Department at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Each of the five of the spatial works created for the bridge during this stage will be viewed and listened to during the presentation.

The sound and lighting design of the newly renovated Kaarsild represents a unique and one of a kind public space project in Estonia, since the technical possibilities allow for the creation of a complete solution that changes in space and time.

Works are presented on the bridge on a daily basis, but always with slight variations. The bridge is illuminated at night, with a different tone for each day of the week. In addition, the works of five composers, accompanied by a corresponding lighting design, sound each day from the bridge in sync with the playing of the Town Hall’s bells.

Last changed 17.10.2017