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Last chance to see the largest exhibition of folk costumes in Estonian history


19 July / Exhibition is open until August 31

On June 22, 2017 we opened the biggest exhibition of folk costumes ever opened in Estonia, „Regarded as a norm, perennially worn“. It has given new inspiration to both authenticity seekers and those who use ancient heritage to create something new. The 150 sets of folk costumes are from all the Estonian rural municipalities and reflect the geographical and seasonal diversity of the clothing. The exhibition is seasonally divided into four rooms where we show and talk about folk costumes in summer and winter, spring and fall.
A century ago, the Estonian National Museum managed to bring together the endless wealth of colours, patterns, customs and fashions of peasant attire. Only after the construction of the new building, however, was it possible to exhibit this collection in all its glory.
The curator of the exhibition is Reet Piiri and the designer is Iir Hermeliin. The lace ornaments were created by Angelika Schneider.
In addition to the exhibition, books, catalogues, instructional materials, and workshops offer information about folk costumes and how they are traditionally worn. Guided tours are also available.
The folk clothing exhibition, together with the exhibition „From the Village Road to the Red Carpet: A Hundred Years of National Fashion“ (curator Riina Reinvelt, designer Liina Unt, producer Reet Mark), won the prize for best exhibition in Estonia in 2017.
More information is available at http://www.erm.ee/en/content/regarded-norm-perennially-worn
For further information please contact: Reet Piiri, Estonian National Museum, reet.piiri@erm.ee, phone 736 3057

Last changed 19.07.2018