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Parking fees to increase in Tartu from 1 July

Tartu City Government Press Release

Parkimine Photo: Maanus Kullamaa

16 June / From 1 July, parking fees in Tartu will increase, and paid parking times in Zones A and B will be extended. Parking in Zone A will also now be subject to a charge on Saturdays.

The parking fee will increase from the current EUR 2 to EUR 3 per hour in Zone A, and from EUR 1 to EUR 1.50 per hour in Zone B. In both Zones A and B, the parking fees for 1 month, 3 months and 1 year will change. New prices in Zone A: 1 month – EUR 120, 3 months – EUR 300, and 1 year – EUR 1200. New prices in Zone B: 1 month – EUR 60, 3 months – EUR 150 and 1 year – EUR 600.

Due to the high parking load, paid parking in Zones A and B will be extended by one hour on weekdays (until 19.00). Parking in Zone A will also now be subject to a charge on Saturdays from 11.00–17.00.

In Zones A and B, the one-day parking fee will be abolished. The free parking time will remain 15 minutes in Zone A and 90 minutes in Zone B. In order to use the free parking time, the start of the parking time must be indicated using a parking clock or written on a piece of paper; when purchasing a ticket from a parking machine, the free time is automatically added to the end time of the ticket. In Zone C, parking prices and times will remain the same.

Last changed 16.06.2022