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Reconstruction of Vanemuise Street to continue this year

Tartu City Government Press Release

20 March / On 23 March, road works will begin on Vanemuise Street. During the second stage of reconstruction, the section of Vanemuise Street between Ülikooli Street and Akadeemia Street, and Uueturu Street, will be renewed.

Traffic along the entire section of Vanemuise Street between Akadeemia Street and Ülikooli Street will become one way and vehicles will no longer be able to travel from Ülikooli Street to Vanemuise Street.

Work will begin with the section located between Akadeemia Street and W. Struve Street.

According to the reconstruction project prepared by OÜ Tinter Project, cycle lanes that are on the same level as the street will be built on both sides of the carriageway. Sidewalks will be covered with paving stones.

Following the completion of reconstruction the section of Vanemuise Street between Pepleri Street and Ülikooli Street will become a one-way street, with traffic remaining two-way along the section between Pepleri Street and Vaksali Street. Vanemuise Street will become an important route for cycle and pedestrian traffic between the City Centre and the Vaksali City District.

The construction phase of the second stage is planned for the end of summer. Traffic conditions are limited during road works, and drivers are asked to observe temporary traffic management.

Animation of the completed Vanemuise Street: https://youtu.be/w-N1_py-fB4

Last changed 21.03.2020