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Self-portraits of women artists at the Valga Museum

Tartu Artists’ Union

Naiskunstnike autoportreede näitus „Enesepeegeldus” plakat

1 August / On Wednesday, August 3 at 4 p.m. the exhibition “Reflecting the Self” will open in the Valga Museum. The exhibition is curated by Peeter Talvistu. A special bus from Tartu is available for the opening.

For the fourth time, Tartu Artists’ Union will organise an exhibition of contemporary art in the gallery of the Valga Museum. This time, however, the central figure is one of the first renowned woman artists in Estonia: Karin Luts. The self-portraits that she made at different points in her life will be accompanied by six contemporary authors: Cloe Jancis, Loora Kaubi, Eva Labotkin, Margit Lõhmus, Anna-Stina Treumund and Mari Volens. Even though their depictions of themselves are very different visually and conceptually, the persona of Luts and her writings have played a significant role in the development of many of today’s woman authors in Estonia.

The self-portraits of Luts display variations of the roles that she as a woman and a woman artists had to resort to during her life and career. Although the selection at the exhibition includes also romantic approaches, the general impression is of a self-confident woman who has found her place in the male dominated (art) world. The works that are in dialogue with Luts are formally self-portraits but besides mere self reflection they also pose more profound questions like the role of women as the custodians of families and peoples, the expectations that the society has for women’s bodies, the right of sexual identification and the need for constant adaptation to the surroundings.

Previously, Tartu Artists’ Union and Valga Museum have collaborated on three exhibitions which have introduced high level Estonian and Latvian art to the border town. All have been curated by Peeter Talvistu and their graphic designer has been by Katrin Nõu. Some of the works at the present exhibition come from the collections of the Tartu Art Museum and the Art Museum of Estonia.

Since the number of public transportation connections between Tartu and Valga is limited, a special bus will go to the opening. The bus sets off from Tartu on 3 August at 2:30 p.m. in front of the Tartu Art House and will begin its journey back from Valga to Tartu at 6 p.m. A ticket covering both directions costs 5 euros (on site in cash). To book a seat, please register by writing to [email protected] 

The exhibition “Reflecting the Self” will remain open until 1 October.

Additional information:
Peeter Talvistu
[email protected] 
5650 7782

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