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Smart city conference will focus on creating a smart city environment

Smart city

9 April / The next international smart city conference will be held on May 31 in Estonian National Museum in Tartu.

The conference will focus on creating a smart city environment for the citizens.

This year's program will mostly focus on urban mobility. The participants will get a great overview about the mobilities of the future and what will be the role for the cities, which are the main trends and future plans for organising urban mobility in European cities and how different solutions based on sharing economy could help to transform the cities more innovative in Estonia and other countries in the world. The speakers will also talk about public transportation planning with data driven approach, integrating bike sharing into broader public transportation system, policies regarding autonomous vehicles and how to make the everyday working processes more effective by using internet of things.

In the afternoon there will be different options for on-site-visits and workshops. The participants can learn more about the future of electric transport and demand based public transportation planning in sparsely populated areas. In addition to mobility related topics, it’s possible to visit the backstage of Estonian National Museum to see how the building is maintained daily or visit SPARK Demo Center to learn more about the smart entrepreneurship and innovation in Southern Estonia. Participants who are interested in smart governance can participate in the discussions about using geospatial data in everyday operations of the city government is making the work more efficient for both the city officials and citizens or examine experiences of participative budgeting implementation, and to discuss the potential fit of the cases and their surrounding environments.

More information, agenda and registration: http://smartcitylab.eu/conference2018  

The conference is organised by Estonian Smart City Cluster in cooperation with Tartu City Government, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and is partly financed from European Regional Development Fund.


Last changed 09.04.2018