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Sven Saag’s personal exhibition at the Tartu Art House

Tartu Art House

Sven Saag's work

14 May / On Thursday, 17 May at 6 p.m. Sven Saag’s personal exhibition “Deep Layers” will be opened in the large gallery of the Tartu Art House.

Saag has chosen a peculiar method for making his paintings: instead of building them up step by step, he partially peels away the layers painted on top of each other until he reaches the desired result. This is a meditative process whereby the completed works and the characters that sometimes appear in them seem to exists outside our shared continuum.

The artist explains: “As a restorer who removes layers of paint and discovers new figures, vistas and faces, the artist can also approach his painting by delving into their depths: by scratching them and constantly finding new and old images. It is possible to discover oneself in some good old place or somewhere unknown and unexpected.”

Sven Saag (b 1968) graduated in 1994 from the University of Tartu Painting Department. He found his distinct layered and colourful style already in his earliest works. Although over the last years the number of his personal exhibitions has dwindled, the total stands at a couple of dozen. His last personal exhibition in the same galleries took place in 2000.

The exhibition is open until 22 June.

Additional information:
Indrek Grigor
Tartu Art House gallerist
5559 1425

Tartu Art House (Vanemuise 26, Tartu, Estonia) is open Wed–Mon 12–18. Exhibitions are free of charge.
The exhibitions of the Tartu Art House are supported by the Tartu Town Government and the Cultural Capital of Estonia.

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