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Tartu 2024 Foundation Established to Execute European Capital of Culture

Tartu City Government Press Release

Ecxhibition Photo: Kiur Kaasik

6 December / On 5 December the City Council of Tartu decided to establish the Tartu 2024 Foundation. The purpose of the new organisation is to continue the preparations of the programme and activities of the European Capital of Culture and bring it to life together with local and foreign partners.

The foundation’s board has one member who for the moment is Erni Kask, the leader of the Tartu 2024 candidacy team. In six months at most, Tartu City Government will hold an open call to find a board member who will be appointed to the position for five years.

Erni Kask explained that the foundation’s next steps originate from the bid book that brought Tartu the title of the European Capital of Culture. “About a thousand people contributed to the book and I believe that the “Arts of Survival” concept, values and courses of action will resonate widely in Estonia and Europe,” he added.

The foundation’s task is to lead the development and execution of the Tartu 2024 programme, marketing and communication, but also manage funds and assess the actions of the capital of culture. Erni Kask asserted that the foundation is responsible for carrying out a huge event of European dimensions, but with many partners: “Every course of action mentioned in the book already had tens to hundreds of partners during the bidding phase and we expect more to come as the title year draws closer,” Kask said.

The foundation has a council of five with representatives from Tartu City Government and City Council, universities, Southern Estonian municipalities and the Ministry of Culture. At the establishment, these were Margus Kasterpalu, Urmas Klaas, Aadu Must, Anneli Saro and Tiit Toots.

Tartu was named the 2024 European Capital of Culture on 28 August 2019. The selection was made by an independent international expert panel chosen by institutions of the European Union. Tartu presented its bid together with 19 Southern Estonian municipalities. The bidding was initiated in 2017 by the City Council of Tartu.

The goals and actions of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 are available on their website www.tartu2024.ee/en and on their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tartu2024) and Instagram (https://instagram.com/tartu2024) pages.

Info: Leading Project Manager Erni Kask, [email protected], +372 736 1358, +372 50 93 270

Last changed 06.12.2019