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Tartu announces design competition for a new sign system

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu Foto: Tiit Grihin

14 August / The goal of the sign system design competition is to find product and graphic design solutions in order to create a comprehensive new sign system for the City of Tartu.

As part of the first stage of the process, a user survey analysing movement within the city was carried out this spring by Disainiosakond OÜ, on the basis of which the plan for a new sign system was created. In order to implement the comprehensive system, one that is dependent on seven types of signs, the search will continue for a cooperation partner to create the content and form.

The design competition has two phases: interested parties must assemble a suitably qualified team by 28 August and also submit a portfolio, on the basis of which the three teams qualifying for the second phase will be determined. The second stage will involve work on the product and graphic designs for all objects in the group of signs and the preparation of a proposal as to the amount of a fee for further design work with a deadline of 27 November 2018.

A committee comprised of the following members will qualify participants based on the portfolios and also judge the competition works: Tõnis Arjus (Tartu City Architect), Helen Kalberg (Tartu Marketing Manager), Indrek Sirkel (Head of the Graphic Design Department at the Estonian Academy of Arts), Kristjan Jagomägi (DF OÜ Head Designer – member of the Estonian Design Centre), Sven Sõrmus (Product Designer – member of the Estonian Design Centre).

Contest terms and conditions: https://www.tartu.ee/tartu-linna-viidasusteemi-disaini-ideekonkurss

Additional information: Director of the Architecture and Building Department Tõnis Arjus, Tel: 736-1254, 5304 6148.

Last changed 14.08.2018