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Tartu to begin paying support in January for the increased cost of energy

Tartu City Government Press Release

elektri pistik Foto: Ketlin Lääts

17 December / The City of Tartu will begin paying support next month, to compensate for the increase in energy costs.

‘According to the current decision of the Government of the Republic, families living in relative poverty are eligible to apply for support; it will likely become clear in the near future whether the reimbursement of energy costs will be expanded to cover a wider circle,’ said Deputy Mayor Mihkel Lees. The Deputy Mayor added that serious preparations are underway in Tartu, and that the city will be ready to begin distributing subsidies in January.

In order to compensate for the increase in energy costs, it will be possible to apply for retroactive support for the previous four months, i.e. in January 2022, support can be applied for bills prepared on the basis of consumption in September, October, November, and December 2021. The city government recommends that support applicants review and gather together their energy bills for the past four months. Applications for support can be submitted electronically through the city portal.
Advice regarding the reimbursement of increased energy costs, and assistance with the preparation of an application, can be obtained from the city’s information telephone 1789 or via the e-mail address energiatoetus@tartu.ee.
The relative poverty line is income of EUR 673 per person per household, with EUR 336.50 for each additional member aged 14 and over and EUR 201.90 per month for children under 14 years of age.
Preliminary information on whether a family is eligible to receive support and how much it would be is provided by the energy compensation calculator developed by the Ministry of Finance.
Further information on the reimbursement of energy costs can be found on the city's website www.tartu.ee/en/energiatoetus

Additional information: Deputy Mayor Mihkel Lees, Tel: 736-1210, 5564-1996.


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