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Tartu certified guides and new alternative thematic tours

tänavakunstituur Foto: Heikki Leis

31 October / Tartu city guides were certified under the direction of the Tartu County Tourism Foundation

A number of Tartu city guides renewed their attestation and several exciting alternative thematic tours were certified.

Re-attestation was completed by Merike Sule, Krista Tõnnov, Eda Tursk, Ilze Salnāja-Värv, Lili Kängsepp, Kristina Mullamaa, Epp Tohver, Olga Einasto, Krista Pisuke, Kalli Kukk, Reet Volmer and Lea Asso. The attestation took place in Estonian, English, Russian, German, Finnish, Latvian, Swedish and French.

A total of five alternative thematic tours were certified this year. A thematic tour that introduces the SmartEnCity project and the powerful murals created on the walls of several Khrushchyovkas as part of the project was certified by Ilze Salnāja-Värv, a Latvian- and English-language tour guide. Guides from Tartu Pseudo Tours certified four thematic tours which give an overview of different city districts and the colourful street art: Karlova's Street Art & History Tour, Colours and Tales of Soup Town, Twisted History Tour, and Tour for Gamerz - Orienteering History Game. The majority of tours are in Estonian and English, the Twisted History Tour is also available in French and Spanish.

Tartu city guides must renew their qualification every five years. The attestation takes place once a year in autumn, after the end of the tourist season. Re-attestation and attestation of thematic tours take place each year, the primary attestation takes place every other year. The attestation is organised by the city of Tartu and the Tartu County Tourism Foundation, in cooperation with organisations uniting guides. 

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