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Tartu completed its cemetery map application

Tartu City Government

Tartu completed its cemetery map application Foto: Ove Maidla

12 December / Tartu has completed a map application for Tartu’s cemeteries, which shares information on various cemeteries in Tartu and those buried in them.

Tartu’s map application for cemeteries includes a short introduction to the history of Tartu’s cemeteries (Raadi, Puiestee, Rahumäe, Pauluse, Vanausuliste, and Tuigo cemeteries), and it is possible to view the location of cemeteries and the historic location of sections of cemeteries on a map. Those buried in the cemeteries can be searched for by name and plot number. In addition, the application contains information on cemetery buildings and inventory.

Data on those buried in Tartu’s cemeteries dates back to the information originally collected during the cemetery inventory carried out in 1990 and data that was added later. Other means were also used for collecting information – an inventory of graves and grave markers at cemeteries, post-war cemetery registers, parish register entries, etc.

The cemeteries administered by the City of Tartu cover nearly 77 hectares and there are currently around 30,000 plots. Through the centuries a large number of people who have left an important mark on cultural history have been buried here.

The Estonian language application is located on the cemetery subpage of the Tartu homepage (www.tartu.ee/kalmistud), direct link to the application http://arcg.is/2k50AjV

Further information: Enn Veenpere, Head of the City of Tartu Cemeteries Authority, Tel: 736 1526 and 518 6298

Last changed 12.12.2017