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Tartu Entrepreneurship Week teaches how to take the next step

Entrepreneurship Week

19 September / Registration has begun for Tartu Entrepreneurship Week events taking place from 1–6 October.

The moto of this year’s Entrepreneurship Week is 'A Step Towards Your Dreams!’.

In addition to tips on implementing ambitious business models, clever sales techniques and a copious number of clever solutions for product development, exports, sales and other fields will be showcased.

The title of the opening conference for this year’s Entrepreneurship Week is Entrepreneurship and the Business Spirit. The conference will cover the economy of the future, investments, recruitment, entrepreneurial personality and manager’s body language.

Taking place throughout the week are competitions, seminars, workshops, conferences and information days, educational games will be organised and companies will be visited.

The goal of Tartu Entrepreneurship Week is to introduce entrepreneurship as a way of life, acknowledging and celebrating the role of the entrepreneur in the city's development, encouraging people to engage in entrepreneurship, promoting cooperation between the city and companies, and encouraging entrepreneurship among young people.

Entrepreneurship Week is open to everyone – from students to already operating entrepreneurs. The week is being coordinated by the Entrepreneurship Department of the Tartu City Government.

Nearly all of the 80 Tartu Entrepreneurship Week events are free to participants.

Registration for events begins on 10 September. Additional details on what is being offered during Entrepreneurship Week are available on the homepage of the Entrepreneurship Department of the Tartu City Government: http://www.tartu.ee/ettevotlusnadal.

Last changed 19.09.2018