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Tartu invites city residents to Town Hall Square to sing together

Tartu City Government Press Release

joint singing even

15 August / At 19.00 on Sunday, 19 August, all residents of Tartu are invited to gather together in Tartu's Town Hall Square, where they will be able to take part, via ETV’s live broadcast, in the joint singing event, one of the key events in the EV100 celebration, taking place at the Song Festival Grounds, in Tallinn.

Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas invites all city residents to gather together in Tartu’s Town Hall Square, on the evening of 19 August, where a joint singing event will also be taking place. ‘We will also be bringing the well-known and meaningful songs to life here in Tartu, birth place of the Estonian Song Festival,’ said Urmas Klaas.

One can sing and cheer along in Tartu with the joint singing taking place at the Song Festival Grounds, in Tallinn, via ETV’s live broadcast. A large screen and chairs have been placed in Town Hall Square for the occasion. The broadcast will begin at 19.00 and is scheduled to end at around 00.30.

Everyone can mark their participation on the EV 100 homepage, thus forming a global joint choir of the Estonian people. The choir’s registration number will be displayed on the website EV100.ee, the mobile app and onscreen during ETV’s live broadcast. Take a closer look: www.ev100.ee/yheslaulmine

Joint singing is a two-part celebration; during the first part, The Power of Song, people will be able to sing for 100 consecutive minutes in celebration of the centennial of the Republic of Estonia. Well-known and simple songs will be sung in the company of beloved actors, singers and choirs. Singing during the first part will be led by Jaan Tätte, Evelin Võigemast, Eeva Talsi, Lauri Õunapuu, Priit Võigemast, Maria Listra, Hele Kõrve, Jan Uuspõld, Mait Malmsten, Marta Laan, Liina Vahtrik, Riina Maidre, Jaan Pehk, Jarek Kasar, Tiit Kikas, Arno Tamm, Kihnu Virve, Andero Ermel, Kadri Voorand and Estonian Voices.

During the second part of the evening, Buzz of the Century, people will be able to sing along with several Estonian bands – Curly Strings and Estonian Voices, Singer Vinger, Metsatöll, Vaiko Eplik, Miljardid, Smilers, Karl-Erik Taukar Band, Estraadiraadio with Kaire Vilgats, Tõnis Mägi and Ivo Linna.

All of the lyrics for the joint singing part, The Power of Song, can be found on the EV100 homepage: www.ev100.ee/yheslaulmine

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Additional information: Ragnar Kekkonen, organiser of joint singing in Tartu, Tel: 580 27279, ragnarkekkonen@gmail.com

Last changed 15.08.2018