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Tartu looking to supplement the rules for keeping dogs and cats

Tartu City Government Press Release


10 May / The City of Tartu is looking to add a requirement to the rules for keeping dogs and cats, according to which a dog must be leashed when in public.

The City Government sent a draft to the City Council seeking to amend the rules for keeping dogs and cats introduced in 2015.

‘Residents of Tartu have contacted the city and described situations where dog owners have failed to perceive the danger posed by their animal and allowed their dog to run around freely. This has caused concern for people, particularly in light of several dog attacks with tragic consequences. Therefore, we considered it important to supplement the current set of rules,’ explained Tartu Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm.

When the amendment enters into force, a dog must be tethered when on another person’s property, including in a public place, unless it has been agreed upon otherwise with the owner. A dog does not have to be tethered if they are in a specially constructed dog park, if they are a service dog that is performing a service task, or a hunting dog during hunting.

According to the rules, the animal keeper must ensure that the dog or cat does not access another person’s property or public place without being supervised by the animal keeper and that the dog or cat does not violate public order with its behaviour, does not disturb or endanger another person, his or her property, or animal. When keeping a dog in a designated area where the dog is able to move about freely, a sign must be posted at the entrance to the area indicating the presence of the dog.

The Council will discuss changes to the rules on keeping dogs and cats at the session taking place on 18 May.


Last changed 10.05.2023