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Tartu opened five new Maarja family houses

maarja peremaja

2 September / Five new Maarja family houses were completed in Tartu, which will provide 50 people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to begin living an independent life.

New family houses have been completed on the plots at Ujula 65 and 67, Jaamamõisa 22 and 22a, and the residential building at Kure 10 has been renovated into a family house. Each house has an average of 300 square metres of total space and is intended as the place of residence for 10 people.

According to Deputy Mayor Mihkel Lees, the completion of the new family houses is an anticipated event, since there are currently more people who require such a home than there are resources available to the city.

The construction of family houses is being partially financed through the project Construction of Maarja Family Houses in Tartu. The total cost of the project is EUR 3.5 million, with the City of Tartu contributing EUR 1.8 million.


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Last changed 02.09.2019