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Tartu participating with start-ups in the Tokyo Technology Fair

Tartu City Government Press Release


28 February / Today and tomorrow, the City of Tartu will be participating in the City-Tech Tokyo fair, together with science-based start-ups LightCode Photonics, GScan, PowerUP Energy Technologies, and Rexplorer. On-site, the city will showcase new technologies and ideas on how to create a sustainable smart city model.

The event in Tokyo is bringing together 10,000 start-ups, large corporations, investors and city representatives from around the world to create opportunities for investment and collaboration. In addition, the Tartu delegation will meet with the New Nordic Smart City delegation on 1–3 March, to establish contacts with key Japanese stakeholders, real estate developers, investors, and community organisations.

GScan, a spin-off from the University of Tartu, will be presenting a muon-flux scanner at the fair, which allows for an accurate 3D map of the interior of an infrastructure object to be drawn. ‘Our scanner can distinguish between metal, rust, and voids,’ says Marek Helm, CEO of GScan, who says the technology could be used, for example, to prepare an accurate analysis of the Sõpruse Bridge, in Tartu. ‘Of course, there are a huge number of bridges, viaducts, and foundations in the world that designers are now looking at, wondering what exactly might be inside. We can give them that information!’ adds Helm about the technology to be showcased at the fair.

Deep tech is where science and technology meet, and specialised knowledge is exploited in the best possible way to turn scientific breakthroughs into working systems, devices, prototypes, products, and methodologies. ‘I am pleased to note that the contribution of the University of Tartu to translating science into business is on a steady upward trend, and Tartu has the opportunity to speak about these ambitious and innovative ventures. Of course, Tartu will continue in every way to share the urban environment and the necessary information with entrepreneurs, to test and develop new technologies,’ says Raimond Tamm, Deputy Mayor of Tartu.

More information: Roomer Tarajev, Head of the Business Development Department, Tartu City Government, +372-5303-3638

Last changed 28.02.2023