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Tartu praises its bus drivers

Tartu City Government

Bus Foto: Juhan Voolaid

6 March / Within the framework of Good Service Month, the Tartu City Government is searching for the best bus driver in the City of Tartu.

The goal of the competition is to recognise bus drivers for their customer friendly and professional work.


Feedback on bus drivers performing excellent work can be left on the City of Tartu homepage www.tartu.ee/bussijuht.


According to Kairi Kuusik, Quality Manager for Public Transportation within the Tartu City Government, a Good Service campaign has been organised in Estonia for many years, although bus drivers have thus far been left out.  ‘Despite the fact that the daily movement of many people in Tartu is associated with travel by bus, and bus drivers are a very big part of ensuring that the ride is as smooth as possible and the attitude is caring’.


According to Kairi Kuusik, a bus driver that performs his or her duties well is helpful and customer friendly, attentive and diligent in traffic, notices fellow road users, and the bus ride takes place smoothly and safely with them.


Good bus drivers can be highlighted for their professionalism or kindness until 31 March 2018. When submitting a proposal, you should provide a brief description of your experience and add the date, time and also bus number, if possible. Stickers placed inside of busses will also be providing information on the campaign.


The Tartu City Government will review all compliments and will pass them on, along with its own recognition, to the driver that has garnered the most attention.


Additional information: the City Finance Department, Public Transportation Quality Manager Kairi Kuusik, 736 1199, kairi.kuusik@raad.tartu.ee.


Last changed 06.03.2018