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Tartu thanks the best snow clearers

Tartu City Government Press Release

Lumekoristajad Foto: Juhan Voolaid

28 January / The Tartu City Government calls on residents of Tartu to report those houses in front of which the cleared area remains in exemplary condition throughout the winter. The city is presenting snow shovels to the one hundred most caring homeowners.

Upstanding city residents can be reported until 11 February, via the Tartu website at www.tartu.ee/lumelabidad2021 or by calling the Tartu City Information Telephone at 1789. A private house, an association or an authority can be reported.

According to Tartu Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, long-term forecasts show that snow shovelling will continue over the coming months. ‘I call on all homeowners and apartment associations who maintain sidewalks to clean the sidewalks of snow and remove slippery conditions properly, and residents of Tartu to take notice of those efforts. The city government is also doing its best to keep the streets in order. This way we can show together that we care about our fellow citizens,’ added Tamm.

The city government has also thanked upstanding snow clearers in previous snowy winters, most recently in 2019.

Last changed 28.01.2021