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Tartu Town Hall carillon concert to be heard at the music festival Glasperlenspiel

raekoja kellad Foto: Kalle Paalits

5 July / At 12.30 on Sunday, 14 July, a carillon concert will take place as part of the festival Glasperlenspiel (The Glass Bead Game).

According to Merle Kollom, Artistic Director for Carillon Music at Tartu Town Hall, the music performed on the carillon of Tartu Town Hall will be included for the first time as a separate concert in the schedule for the international festival. ‘Peeter Vähi, Artistic Director for the festival Glasperlenspiel , proposed that a cross section of Tartu’s carillon repertoire be consolidated into a half-hour concert. According to Peeter Vähi, there are very few people, including the musicians performing at the festival, who have heard the carillon of Tartu, and they would definitely be interested in hearing it their capacity as professionals,’ said Kollom.

The carillon concert will begin at 12.30, on 14 July, and end a moment before the top of the hour. The programme has been prepared so that it offers the joy of recognition for people with different levels of listening experience.

In July, the following can be heard from the carillon of Tartu Town Hall:
at  09.00  The Bells of Tartu (Olav Ehala)
at 12.00  Liebestraum (Franz Liszt)  
at 15.00  Melody (Anton Rubinstein)
at 18.00  What Colour is Love (Arne Oit)
at 21.00  Sonatine (Sjef van Balkom)

During the summer, carillon summer concerts will be taking place at 20.00 each Friday at Tartu Town Hall, until the end of August.
Carillon info: www.tartu.ee/kellamang

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