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Thorough reconstruction awaits Vanemuise Street

Vanemuise tänav

4 April / The reconstruction of Vanemuise Street will begin this year.

Two years from now, Vanemuise Street will become an important route for cycle and pedestrian traffic between the City Centre and the Vaksali City District.

Based on the reconstruction project, cycle tracks will be built on both sides of the street, at the same level as the carriageway, being separated from the carriageway by a row of cube stones. Sidewalks will be covered with paving stones. Sections of parking pockets will also be built on one side, along the edge of the street. Storm water drainage will be expanded on the street and street lighting will be reconstructed. Traffic lights will be installed at the Pepleri-Vanemuise intersection.

Reconstruction works are planned for the years 2019-2020 and are divided into two stages.

During the first stage, the section between Akadeemia Street and Vaksali Street will be reconstructed. The works will be performed this year.

The second stage of reconstruction plan is planned for 2020, covering the section between Ülikooli Street and Akadeemia Street, and Uueturu Street.

The total length of the section of Vanemuise Street undergoing reconstruction is approximately 1.15 kilometres.

Following the completion of reconstruction a speed limit of 30 km/h will be established on Vanemuise Street and the section between Pepleri–Ülikooli will become a one-way road, with traffic remaining two-way between Pepleri Street and Vaksali Street.

The reconstruction project for Vanemuise Street was prepared by OÜ Tinter-Projekt.

The construction of utility networks will begin in April, and road construction will begin in June.

Last changed 04.04.2019